Angry Birds Fight Online

Angry Birds Fight Online

Angry Birds Fight is now the 11th game in the angry birds series that has now been released bringing again something fresh to the table! Fight is the latest brain child to come from the smash hit game makers Rovio which seems to combine a candy crush type game with elements of an RPG which is something totally new to a series which is really getting spread quite thin!


Angry Birds Fight was initally only soft released in the Asia pacific region to test how its users would respond and as it is now globally available to all users you can imagine how well this game went down!


The way Angry Birds Fight online works is that you will be battling your birds against either computer opponents or other human opponents, there will initially be a match 3 type puzzle game that depending on how well you do on powers up your bird before going into fight whoever you are playing against. There is no control over the actual fighting itself however you will be able to watch some pretty awesome fighting visuals and the battles will be won depending on each players bird and how well they did in the match 3 puzzle game before entering the arena!


Angry Birds Fight is now available on Android and iOS smart phones and devices so make sure to head over and download this addictive game then let us know what you think!

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